讚美敬拜晚會 | Praise & Worship Night

五月二十七日(星期六) | Saturday May 27th, 2017

你喜歡音樂嗎?那我們就為你做了一件事!本堂 The Talking Donkeys 將於五月二十七日(星期六)與美麗徑福音堂及智行基金會合作舉辦「讚美敬拜籌款晚會」。敬請你預留時間出席聚會。

Love music? Then we’ve got just the event for you! The Talking Donkeys are making its return on Saturday, May 27, 2017 for a joint Fundraising Praise and Worship night in collaboration with Milliken Gospel Church and Chi Heng Foundation. Get ready – because you wouldn’t want to miss this!