教會簡介 | Who we are




Toronto Chinese United Church’s doors are open to all. We are a group of multi-generational Christians who have committed ourselves to offering openness, understanding, justice and caring to God’s creation. We are a community of faith rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We value diversity, openness, and honest quest of meaning. You are welcome to join us to experience the radical love of Jesus and to face the unknown journey of life. You are welcome here!

We are a member church of The United Church of Canada. We have been serving Chinese communities in Toronto for almost 100 years.  We began at a location at Chestnut Street near Chinatown. We have Cantonese worship service translated into Mandarin, and we have English speaking worship service. The church has various Bible study groups and fellowship according to age range.  We also have various sport and health activities. You are welcome to join.