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Toronto Chinese United Church’s doors are open to all. We are a group of multi-generational Christians who have committed ourselves to offering openness, understanding, justice and caring to God’s creation. We are a community of faith rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We value diversity, openness, and honest quest of meaning. You are welcome to join us to experience the radical love of Jesus and to face the unknown journey of life. You are welcome here!

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鄒梓嫻牧師 Rev. Cathy Zou




Rev. Zou was born and raised in Shenzhen, Guangdong. She did not know God until the age of 12 when she came across a stranger sharing the gospel of God on a train. She was touched by the gospel message and immediately converted to Christianity. Despite that she could not join the church due to certain constraints, God did not stop to shape her life by His Word and in His Spirit. Thanks to the miraculous grace of God, Rev. Zou moved to Hong Kong in 2011 and started her degree study. She began to join the campus fellowship and the church. She was baptised in 2012, and received the call to be a full-time servant of God in 2013 Hong Kong Bible Conference. Upon the completion of her undergraduate degree, Rev. Zou enrolled in the Master of Divinity Program at the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After graduation in 2017, she became a full-time minister at her mother church, the denomination of which is Assembly of God. Following the marvellous guidance of God, her whole family moved to Toronto in September 2022. Rev. Zou started her ministry at our church from November 2022.

Rev. Zou loves studying Bible, sharing the words of God, witnessing the love of God with brothers and sisters. She is also enthusiastic to establish the caring relationships with people through sincere sharing and careful listening. She is able to communicate with people speaking in Cantonese, Mandarin, Chiu-chow dialect, and English. If you hope to know more about God and experience His’ love, or if you need sincere listening and spiritual support when you feel lonely or helpless, do not hesitate to contact Rev. Zou, and, you are mostly welcome to our church!


Rev. Liz Mackenzie

Rev. Liz Mackenzie



我曾於彼得堡、密西沙加、多倫多、咸美頓、士嘉堡和賓頓此不同地區被呼召或委任為暫署牧者。2015年,我被任命為沙省議會牧職人事部部長,一直任職至201911日加拿大聯合教會架構重組。我於20192月返回南安省,於Dewi Sant聯合教會擔任暫署牧師,一個族裔文化事工信仰團體。經歷一段豐富的時光,Dewi Sant 信仰家庭向我介紹了威爾斯語言和文化,他們十分出色。(我的血統是蘇格蘭和冰島。)


我是一名合格的冰壺運動員,也是大多倫多跨宗教冰壺俱樂部的成員,並是加拿大滑雪巡邏隊的成員,在卡利登滑雪俱樂部負責巡邏。我獲得了高級急救認證。我是兩個女兒的母親,也是五個孫子的 Amma (冰島語是祖母的意思)


Over the course of my life, I have lived in four different countries, four different provinces, and one territory.  I was a high school French and English teacher in the Northwest Territories, northern Alberta, and Oakville, ON.  Then I decided to go back to school, receiving a Masters of Business Administration, and was a human resources management consultant working for many years in the fields of pay and employment equity and human rights in employment.  Because of my MBA, I’m a minister who understands how to read financial statements…

In 1997, I finally decided to do what I had always felt called to do from the age of 13 – become an ordained minister.  I started at Emmanuel College the day my youngest daughter started Junior Kindergarten and in 2003 I graduated with a Masters of Divinity (as that year’s gold medalist) and was ordained by Toronto Conference of the UCC.  Since then, I have completed the requirements and been designated as Ministry of Supervision Supervisor and Intentional Interim Minister.  I also have a Certificate in Conflict Management and Congregational Leadership from Conrad Grebel University College (University of Waterloo).

I have had calls, appointments, and Intentional Interim Ministry appointments with congregations in rural Peterborough, Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, Scarborough, and Brampton.  In 2015, I was called as the Saskatchewan Conference Personnel Minister, which I served until the change to the United Church of Canada’s structure came into effect on January 1, 2019.  I returned to Southern Ontario in February, 2019, serving as Intentional Interim Minister (IIM) with Dewi Sant (Saint David) Welsh United Church, an Ethnic-Cultural Ministries community of faith.  It was a rich time of ministry and the Dewi Sant faith family did a wonderful job of introducing me to the Welsh language and culture.  (My heritage is Scottish and Icelandic.)

I am a passable curler and member of the Greater Toronto Interfaith Curling Club and I am a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol, patrolling at the Caledon Ski Club.  I am certified in Advanced First Aid.  I am a mother to two daughters and an Amma (Icelandic for grandmother) to five grandchildren.

I am looking forward to ministering with TCUC and being in team ministry with the Rev. Cathy Zou for the next 6 months.  In our time together I will speak and show the hope that is in me and listen and watch as you speak and show the hope that is in you as together, we follow God’s call to us as the body of Christ that is Toronto Chinese United Church.

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